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Positive Aura Vibrations Speaks Louder Than Words

Did you know that Costa Rica is home to more than 500,000 species which makes up 5% of the earth’s Biodiversity? Since moving to Costa Rica, I have seen beautiful, strange, and downright unusual living creatures. I’ve seen monkeys, toucans, and macaws. I’ve seen geckos, millipedes, giant cockroaches, tarantulas, scorpion spiders and more. I don’t say this to scare people from coming and visiting this beautiful country. On the contrary, these amazing creatures are exactly why so many people do come to this tranquil place. It’s amazing to see the harmonious way life exists here. Another reason people come here is for the same reason I did. They are searching for a peaceful place to take their own journey of self-transformation. They come to immerse themselves with the abundance of nature. We can learn a lot about the biodiversity here, and how it can guide us in our own personal journeys. We just must get past our own preconceived beliefs and fears.

Nature is so abundant in Costa Rica, that it often makes its way into our homes. Since moving here 11 months ago, we have found millipedes, geckos, ants, mice, and spiders inside our house from time to time. Geckos do a good job keeping these unwanted visitors at bay, but occasionally, we encounter a larger and more startling visitor. Not too long ago we had large Huntsman spider in our bathroom. Instead of reacting in fear and destroying said visitor, I opted to learn about it and have a polite conversation with him.    

The Philosophy of Energy Communication

Now before you jump to conclusions and think I’ve lost my mind, hear me out. When we were in school, we learned about energy in our science classes. We learned about the positive and negative effects of energy. And according to certain philosophies and religions, like Hindu and Buddhism, everything radiates energy whether it is living or non-living. This energy is referred to as an aura. According to these philosophies, everything has an aura including humans, plants, animals, and yes, even spiders.

An aura is defined as a bio-electric magnetic field radiating from every living soul and matter. In humans the aura is like a storage receptacle for all our positive and negative energies. Our aura is built up of seven energy points, also referred to as chakras. Did you know that Chakra means wheel?  Each of our chakra points have a corresponding, color of the rainbow, sound frequency, and assigned element.

Hindus believe that the energy generated from a person’s chakras move throughout the body. Unbalanced, or blocked, chakras prevent the energy from moving equally thus creating imbalance within ourselves. It’s important to keep your chakras open and aligned, as they correspond to specific parts of our body, emotions, and spiritual wellbeing.  When your chakras are open, they can spin and radiate positive energy. Like a boomerang, when you radiate positive energy, it will come back to you.  The same goes for negative energy.

The Science of Vibrational Energy

Without getting too technical or scientific, I want to spend a few moments to discuss the concept of Vibrational Energy. According to the National Institute of Health, there is a field of medicine called Vibrational medicine, or energy medicine. People who study and work in this field focus on using the vibrational energy that is created in and around the body to provide optimum health. They believe, and a growing amount of research supports, that there is a direct correlation between vibrational energy with the mind and the body.

The concept of vibrational energy is rhythmic by nature. Take the heartbeat. A healthy heartbeat is repetitive and consistent. The beats may increase or decrease, but the rhythm of the beat remains the same.

For more information on Vibrational energy check out this article by Healthline


Did you know that spiders don’t have ears so they can’t “hear”?  They use the hairs on their legs to pick up different kinds of vibrations.   Spiders are incredibly proficient in detecting different kinds of vibrations and pheromones. In fact, studies have shown that spiders can detect human speech from about 10 feet away!

My Conversation with A Spider

So, taking all the scientific and philosophical data into consideration, I am confident in stating that I did indeed, have a conversation with a hunstman spider in our bathroom. Let me set up the visual for you.

It was late afternoon, and I was prepping dinner while my husband, Gene, was taking a shower. Suddenly, he yelled for me to come into the bathroom. He’s yelling that there is a HUGE spider in the shower with him. I immediately think something awful like a tarantula or a Brazilian Wandering spider. The later being one of great concern due to their deadly poison to humans. But upon my arrival to the bathroom, I am relived that it was neither since Gene was still in the shower with this “HUGE” spider. The arachnid in question was a harmless Huntsman Spider. Big and scary looking, yes, but harmless to us humans.

I should stress that although I’m not the biggest fan of bugs or spiders, I do have a great respect for them and the role they play in our ecosystem. Especially living here in Costa Rica, where there are plenty unique and scary creatures to go around. As a result, I have grown to use caution and not immediately go in for the “kill” when we have an unwanted visitor in our home. Instead, I try to identify the visitor, then, when possible, safely return it to the great outdoors.

Back to the story…. Once I realize it’s just a wolf spider, I told Gene it was harmless and to just leave it alone. He did, but we were both uneasy about going to sleep with the hairy monster lurking around while we slept. So, after dinner, I decided I was going to have a little chat with our unwanted visitor. I was hoping to convince him to leave on his own instead of me evicting him. I stood in the bathroom doorway and looked in to find myself eye to eye with Mr. Huntsman. We were about two feet apart and I could sense him watching me. I’ll admit, the conversation was one-sided, and I did all the talking, but I truly believe Mr. Huntsman heard me and understood, at some level, what I was communicating. Here’s what I said.

“So, we have a bit of a problem here. The problem is you can’t stay. As much as I appreciate your role in our eco-system, and all the good you do, you won’t survive in here.” Mr. Huntsman doesn’t move.

“There isn’t enough food for you.” Still no movement.

“Ok, look…you’re freaking Gene and me out a little bit. I know you aren’t going to hurt us, but you have to go. I’m going to give you time to leave on your own. But if you’re still here in a couple of hours, then I’m gonna have to move you out, and trust me…that will cause BOTH of us a lot of un-needed stress. So do us both a favor and leave on your own. Okay?”

I leave the bathroom to let Mr. Huntsman think about our conversation. Two hours later, I go back into the bathroom to check on his status. Mr. Huntsman had vacated the premises!

Now I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m a little nutty, and that’s fine. But I believe that we had a connection, and that spider felt my vibrations. He knew I wasn’t going to hurt him, and on some level understood what I was asking of him.  I believe in communication through energy. Both positive and negative. I believe that when we project positivity, positivity comes back to us. Likewise, when we project negativity, negativity will come back on us.

In closing, whether you choose to believe my story, think about the balance of energy. Both positivity and negativity in your own life.  Then try meditating to bring positivity and white light into you and expel the negativity and darkness out. Try going through your day with a positive mindset and kindness in your heart.  I promise you it makes a difference, and you will feel the lightness in your heart.

Until next time…. light and love to you.

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