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Hello! My name is Ashley. I hope you join me on my Self-Care Journey to Peace, Love, and Gratitude.

Feeling Peace Love and Gratitude in Hawaii
Feeling peace, love and gratitude.

For many years, I lived the life of corporate stress at a large commercial bank. I’ve also experienced the hand to mouth stress of working for a cash-strapped entrepreneur. I built things and led people. All too often, I gave more of me to them than I did to myself. A lot more. Many would call this success. It sure didn’t feel like it to me! I felt zero peace, zero self love…Until now. Now I’m taking a self-care journey to find my own peace, love, and gratitude.

I finally acknowledged the effects this lifestyle was having on my physical and mental health. I realized that I needed to focus on self-care and self-love. I needed to find my own peace, love and gratitude! So I bit the bullet and left the, life extracting, rat race to please others.

My husband Gene and I, along with our two dogs, Gidget & Gretchen sold everything and moved to Costa Rica (wanderlust, check).

Here I’m learning the true meaning of “Pura Vida” (pure life). I’m surrounded by more critters than I can count (animals, check). As far as super cool biker chick…Well, let’s just say that she’s in there.

Come along with me on my journey of self-care, finding inner peace, love, and gratitude. Together we will renew our passion for life and all it has to offer!

We all need to take time to nourish our mind, body and soul with love, reflection, and acceptance.

Unfortunately, we usually never make the time for ourselves!

Come along with me on a journey of self-care. Together we will find our inner peace, love, and gratitude while renewing our passion for life and all it has to offer!

The goal of the Ash Tree Home is to be a place for strengthening the connection and awareness with our personal triad (The Mind, Body, Soul).

The Ash Tree Home was created to be a place of love, reflection, and self-discovery. Is it a physical location? No. Think of it more as a state of mind. A virtual place for strengthening the connection and awareness with ourselves. Through this process of self-care, we can then live a life filled with peace, love and gratitude.

A Healthy Mind – Maintaining a healthy mind is ongoing. The mind needs to be exercised through gaining knowledge and filled with thoughts of positivity, joy and gratitude. It needs proper recharging through meditation, sleep. and rest.

A Healthy Body – Having a healthy body means enjoying healthy foods, exercise and living free of stress. When your body is healthy, you not only feel good, but you also have more energy to do the things you want to do.

A Healthy Soul – A healthy soul simply means that you are spiritually grounded. You realize that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s loving and giving without expectation of anything in return.

DISCLAIMER TIME: I am not a trained phycologist or life coach. I am not here to provide expert advice or tell anyone what they should do. I’m just a woman who has lived a life of putting everyone and everything else first. I’ve always made me and my needs the last thing on my list of priorities. Sound familiar?

After years of neglect, it’s now time to make me and my self-care a priority. You can find the tools I am using everyday, and follow me on my personal self-care journey to peace, love, and gratitude.

Do you seek to bring more peace, love and gratitude into your life? 

Are you ready to start your own personal self-care journey?

The Ash Tree Home was created to be resource for you.

Self-Care, Peace, Love, Gratitude in the Rockies
Self-Care Activity: Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

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