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The Birth Of The Ash Tree Home

The Birth Of The Ash Tree Home: My Safe Place To Find Me

The Birth of The Ash Tree Home

My Safe Place to Find Me

Let me just get this out of the way right now….

I am not an expert in Self-Care. I’m simply a middle-aged, overly stressed, highly anxious, frustrated, at times extremely intense woman, desperately seeking a way to eliminate decades of poor life choices and health habits.  This blog was not, I repeat WAS NOT created to portray myself as an expert. If you’re seeking a self-care expert or information on how to properly engage in Self-Care, there are thousands of “experts” on the internet. Trust me, I’ve looked. There are some really awesome sites and people out there, but there are some pretty bad ones too. It can get quite frustrating at times. So how do you sift through all the garbage to really find the golden nuggets? How do you know who’s in it for the money and who genuinely wants to help? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer, at least in my experience.

This blog was not, created to portray myself as an expert in anything. I take that back. The only thing I’m an “expert” in is making excuses for why I could never stick with proper self-care for myself. Sure, I’ve had moments of clarity where I realize the importance of taking better care of myself. I’ve joined health clubs only to quit after a few sessions. I’ve joined weight loss groups, only to lose the first 20 pounds then quit. I literally have spent thousands of dollars on equipment, fad diets, books, subscriptions, magical weight loss pills, and more.   What I never have done, is really look at myself. Really search my soul and reflected on why I could never take the time to focus on me. Why could I never commit? Maybe, deep down, I’ve always been afraid. Afraid that if I ever did take the time for myself, to really invest in myself, to allow myself to break down my own walls and investigate my core being…would I recognize that person? Would I even like that person?

That is so scary to me, and THAT is why I’m doing this. I can’t be the only person who feels this way. I can’t be the only woman who is afraid to really look at herself, to acknowledge all her flaws and embrace them. So how can I do this? How can I really commit? How can I keep my self-accountable?

Enter The Ash Tree Home. I created the Ash Tree Home to be my safe place. It’s where I go to work on myself. Is it a physical location? No. Think of it more as a state of mind. A virtual place where I can safely share my journey to self-care. The Ash Tree Home is a place to for me to be held accountable during my journey. The accountability comes from sharing. If I don’t share, then I’m hiding from it, whatever IT is. 

The Ash Tree Home is where I’m going to store and share all the “Golden Nuggets” I spoke of earlier in this blog. These are MY nuggets, but if they work for me, then maybe, just maybe, they will work for someone else. Like I said, there are thousands of self-care “experts”, but in all my research, I never came across anyone like me. Just a girl trying to figure her crap out and share her journey along the way.  I have no idea where it will lead me, but I’m cautiously optimistic. If sharing my journey can help someone like me, wow, that would be cool too.

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